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Welcome to Mindful Attention Cleaning Service, a 20-year old business known for its quality, reliability, and customized service in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are a small business, intentionally so, to ensure high-quality, reliable, and trusted service.  All of our customers value this as can be seen by the 10-20 years of cleaning service that we have provided for each of them.

Housekeeping needs vary greatly between active singles, families with children at home, the retired and elderly, and those customers who spend a significant amount of the time on the road.  Businesses also have individual needs.  We value the opportunity to customize our service to provide you with the cleaning needed for your stage of life or for the needs of your business.  When you trust your home or business to our service, we will not disappoint you. 

Let Mindful Attention handle the interior cleaning of your home or office so that you can focus your time and energy elsewhere.  We provide house cleaning and office cleaning on a regular basis - for most customers this means scheduling weekly, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. 


About Mindful Attention Cleaning

Mindful Attention Cleaning would be glad to provide you with refererences upon request.


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